Variety on our Casual Shirts

  • 29 September 2016
  • Jose Almazan

The variety of Gloster casual wear we provide are day-to-day styles with the functionality and statement to express each design, but how do you determine what casual wear fits in your everyday life?

With a greater combination of styles in your wardrobe, you can never go wrong.


1. Maximum Casual Shirts I Need?

The ideal number of casual shirts either short sleeve or long sleeve in your wardrobe should at least be 2, this enough gives room for versatility. Either a color plaid design or a madras design fabric, you'll have the flexibility to look different everyday. 

Having at least 2 casual shirts - Ideal for the Australian man out and about.

Blue Green Plaid

Indigo Madras

Multi Colour Plaid


2. Traditional Fit

Our shirts are traditionally made for the traditional Australian man and hardly need the requirements of in-store measurements. Unlike slim fit shirts, casual dress shirts are usually desirable even when their loose, especially in the hot conditions of Australia. Regular bloke shapes tend to go by their chest size and if you're aware of your chest measurements just avoiding the long shirts that cover beyond the crotch area is fashionably ideal. 


3. Some Types of Casual Fabric Design

Our shirts come in different ranges of design, but how do we determine which one is fitting for the Casual dress shirt? Below are 2 examples that might help in instigating your first 2 shirts to add to your casual wardrobe. 




The traditional Australian inspired 'Lumberjack' plaid shirt has been one of our classic shirts. The Plaid fabric has been around for years and recently more refined with better fabric technology available in many different styles and finish. 

GRAB THE TOP - Gloster Blue Green Plaid


Madras is one of the oldest cotton design trade with plain lightweight weave with either plaid, checked or striped patterning. Designed to expressed a washed feel, Madras are designed to fade each time their washed but that's the whole point of the idea. Nothing beats a casual shirt than one that is made to express the feel even beyond wear. 

GRAB THE TOP - Gloster Indigo Madras


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  • john
  • 10 Feb 2017
  • 2:31 pm

How disappointing that you seam to have dropped the 3x size from most of your shirts. Sorry to say that this is one customer that you have lost as a result, this is after two decades of loyalty to your brand. John.

  • David Griffiths
  • 13 Apr 2017
  • 8:13 pm

I still have a blue, double twist cotton, short sleeve Gloster shirt that would be 10 years old, along with one each double twist green, and a brown double twist short sleeve shirts. None of these is available today, only the blue LONG sleeve double twist cotton shirt now available. I prefer a short sleeve, and plain /pastel. All shirts seem to be checked pattern, too much so, too many "blue" hues. A shame that I can no longer get a short sleeve, double twist cotton Gloster shirt, in a green, or brown, or blue colour. Seems they've all gone the same way as Gowings...remember them?

  • Gloster Team
  • 21 Apr 2017
  • 2:50 pm

Hi John, We do sell in 3XL's, unfortunately we run run out of 3XL's very quickly sorry about that John. In fact, our next range will be going up to 5XL. Hope we still satisfy the range you are going for, Gloster is continuing to grow and we do hope to keep serving our customers with loyalty and tradition.

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