Superior Quality Fabrics

  • 1 August 2019
  • Jose Almazan

For many years Gloster Australia have been delivering a wide range of traditional double pocket flap shirts whilst staying loyal in creating a transcending product throughout the ages. 


  • Casual, but Smart

With the advancing fabric technology of Gloster shirts, the regular Australian man can wear a casual Gloster shirt to nearly any leisure activity ranging from barbeques, family picnics, shopping with the partner, to visiting your family within interstate, sports events etc. The Gloster shirt allows the comfortability that helps to prevent “hot spots” (from sweat), with breathing room from 50's up to 100's yarns allowing you to adapt to any kind of activity.  


  • Smart, but Casual

The beauty of Gloster shirts is that they’re meant for casual wear, but the fabric designs compliment the shirts to look “smart”. As workplace punctuation become more and more diverse in our day and age, casual & smart have harmoniously transcended in work wear. If you need to go gym after work, attend a work party, have traditional Friday “casual day”, including dress codes in most communication & design studios. The shift of work culture in corporate businesses have ergonomically advanced its culture that casual is acceptable in work attire. Work has become a place of creative wear, and Gloster shirts understands the change culture to blend with casual work wear. So to answer casual or smart? Gloster says both. 



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