Stripes For Melbourne Cup

  • 18 October 2016
  • Jose Almazan

Melbourne Cup has been an iconic event for the Australian fashion atmosphere allowing ladies and gents to go out and dress to impress. So what are one of the ways this year we can top our outfit from previous years? If you’re feeling daring this time around, maybe wearing a stripe shirt is an optional route. As a number one rule, lets rule out the chances of going for horizontal stripes. Why? Going horizontal tend to make men seem more wider. This statement can definitely be truffled according to how you style yourself. But lets make it fundamentally simple as to understand vertical accentuates a desirable and adaptable look fitting for the Melbourne cup races. 

Vertical Stripes

One of the main pros that vertical stripes give is that it actually projects the illusion of making us look Taller, which can be good news for anyone that’s vertically challenged. In addition, do avoid wearing very thick vertical stripes, you don’t want it to seem like you’re wearing a clown outfit to the races.



Colors are probably the next step in considering with your striped outfit. There are no boundaries with what colors to go for, and at the end of the day it all depends with the style you choose. So go for any style you’re most comfortable with. 

There are some precautions you should avoid with trying to match colours, and one of them is mixing complimentary colors. These are either orange & blue, purple & yellow and red & green. Creating either one of these contrasts will generally scream your outfit for attention (not in a good way) and leave viewers aesthetically pondering. 




Mixing Stripes

Pinstripe pants are another ensemble we can add with our striped shirt. But remember to choose different weights with your stripes, you don’t want every part of your outfit to be the same vertical weight. 

Standing out with stripes is definitely a bold statement but stripes-on-stripes is definitely bringing boldness to another level. It is applicable to mix striped shirts with striped suits knowing that again you avoid same width stripes. 


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Out with the New In with the Old

There are a lot of  new fashion trends springing out of this season, with a few weeks till the Melbourne Cup everyone is preparing. New trends come and go, but what stays the same is the timeless and classic design of striped clothing. So make a bold statement this coming November, and be creative with what you wear because the beauty of stripes is it’ll never get old. 

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